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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Ko Kho Khao เกาะคอเขา - A Hideaway on the Andaman Sea

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Ko Koh Kao เกาะคอเขา, until now untouched by mass tourism, with a population of only around 1,000 people spread over 64 square kilometers, lies just a few hundred meters off Takua Pa. Four beaches on the west coast are fronting the Andaman Sea. Nok Nah Beach up north is as long as about a fifth of the island’s coastline and the most rugged beach. Bang Neang Beach is a long stretch of white sand. When you cross the Chan Kaow Canal you reach Thung Tuk Beach. Several seaside residences are being developed in this area for long time visitors. Finally comes Pak Koh Beach, where most of the resorts and restaurants are clustered around. So here you are among the crowds, while you can enjoy lonely beaches up north. "The waters are slightly murky and lack the pristine aquamarine hues of Ko Surin, to the west, but the beaches still make for great swimming, romantic walks and dazzling sunsets", writes

On Ko Kho Khao you can still feel on a hideaway. You can even see egg-laying turtles. And you can ride on elephants along the beach, go bird watching or kayaking in the canals.

From Ko Kho Khao you can reachcan the Similan Islands and Koh Surin. The archipelago of Koh Similan is well known for rich marine flora and fauna and therefore for diving and snorkelling activities. West of Ko Kho Khao lies Koh Pa, a small island with coral reefs.

From Baan Nam Khem port there are longtail boats from 7 am till 18 pm. There is a car ferry as well. On the island you find Tuk Tuks and Songthaew Taxis. There are a ATMs near the pier at Baan Pak Koh.

Ko Kho Khao has monsoon rains from May until October. Be aware that several resorts close between April and November. Read more and see pictures in Khaolak Magazine.

Due to its flat landscape Ko Kho Khao was devastated by the 2004 Tsunami. "Many locals chose not to return and rebuild", knows

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Where to stay on Ko Kho Khao

Anandah Beach Resort:

Andaman Princess Resort & Spa:

C&N Kho Kho Khao Beach Resort: From 2300 Bath. 89 Moo3, Kho khao Island, Takuapa. They grow their own vegetables. The hotel keeps the beach debris free every morning. With pool. Very good reviews on

Ha-Pla Beach Cottage:

Ko Kho Khao Resort:

Paradis Villa:

Pranee Beach Bungalows:

The Kib Resort & Spa:

The Tacola Resort & Spa:

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