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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Discover Koh Mook เกาะมุก and Emerald Cave

See the locations on Koh Mook or Koh Muk Google Map
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Picture by mattkoltermann

Picture by Xiaozhuli
Koh Mook Pier

Koh Mook is well known for its beautiful beaches and Morakot Cave. Its communities are mostly Muslim. High cliffs and rocks face the sea at the western coast. Morakot Cave is located on the West side of Koh Mook. Only a small boat can pass the entrance to the cave during low tide. The 80 metres long channel leads to a large hall roofed by the sky. There is a sand beach surrounded by high cliffs. The sunlight during midday will be straight through the mouth of the funnel. The reflection of the sea creates the emerald color, the name "Morakot Cave" means "Emerald Cave". Koh Mook is part of Had Chao Mai National Park.

Sivalai Beach Resort: From 3000 Bath. Hao-Laem Beach. The resort is situated on the tip of the island with the ocean view on both sides. Amazing according to reviews on

Picture by Syeefa Jay

Picture by Syeefa Jay

Picture by Syeefa Jay

Picture by Syeefa Jay

Charlie Beach Resort: From 900 Bath. There is a pool, other restaurants are nearby. The bamboo beach huts are very small and simple. The scenery with the sunsets is great. See mixed reviews on

Picture by mattkoltermann
Charlie Beach

The Coco Lodge: From 500 Bath.
Bamboo bungalows with open-air cold water bathrooms, concrete fan bungalows and rooms in the Garden House. "If luxury is your thing you'd do better elsewhere", notes The lodge lies in a local fishing village. See pictures on Reader's Trip Reports and on

Koh Mook Resort: From 1000 Bath.
Wooden bungalows with tin roof, ceiling fan and partially open-air bathrooms and a pool. The beach is not good for swimming according to the reviews on

Pawapi Resort & Spa: From 2100 Bath.
See pictures by Petra Nováková.

Picture by Xiaozhuli
Entrance to Tham Morakot เกาะมุก-ถ้ำมรกต (Emerald Cave)

Morakot Cave, also known as Emerald Cave. May be you will not be alone inside:

Picture by Prachanart

How to arrive at Koh Mook
With long-tailed boats you reach it from Kuan Tung Ku Pier in about 15 minutes. From Trang town a bus rides to Kuan Tung Ku Pier. There are also ferry and speed boat services from other islands (for example Koh Lanta). See timetables:
Island Hopping in the Andaman Sea of Thailand
Koh Mook Ferry and Speedboat Timetable

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