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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Koh Phi Phi หมู่เกาะพีพี Beaches and Resorts

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Koh Phi Phi Don เกาะพีพีดอน

Picture Britt

Phi Phi - a paradise lost? Read what backpackers discovered once, how the tourism industry has developped the island and how the story has gone on after the Tsunami in 2004 on Informations on flora and fauna you find on the site of Hat Noppharat Thara - Mu Ko Phi Phi National Park

Monkey Beach (Yong Gasem Bay)

Picture Txemi
Do they bite, if you con on land? Yes, sometimes...

Picture Britt

Ao Loh Dalam

Pictue steven_n_maher

Everything was devastated here after the Tsunami, a lot of resorts have been rebuilt since, some don't exist any more (read more on

Picture Mimi Ivory

Picture Tony

Picture Tony

PP Charlie Beach Resort: From 1400 Bath.

Phi Phi Palms Residence: From 1450 Bath. Rooms in a longhouse, whose structure survived the Tsunami. "Without the bungalows of pre-tsunami years, this resort has lost a little of its flavour, however it is still a good place to stay", finds

Phi Phi Anita Resort: From 1200 Bath.

Phi Phi Viewpoint Resort: From 1200 Bath. About ten minutes walking distance from the beach. You walk up to the roooms, but the views "compensate", as notes. See pictures by Staciek and Наталья

Phi Phi Arboreal Resort: From 1700 Bath.

P.P. Casita: Small bungalows, larger chalets and rooms in a hotel-complex. "The swimming pool is quite the envy of the surrounding resorts with its suave infinity edge and flashy sun loungers", notes

Picture travellingzenwolf

Picture Dave

Phitharom PP Resort: From 1900 Bath. You have to climb up some stairs to the villas, but thanks to climbing you will have good views from your romm-balconies. "Worth the money if you are looking for that cool, traditional design feel", comments See Maggie O's picture of the pool.

Picture elmar

Ciao Bella: At the beach front, beneath PP Twin Palms. Hexagonal bungalows made from teak wood. Good Thai and Italian restaurant (picture by Umberto Giovi), but: You are disturbed by "the noise wars between Apache, Ibiza and Slinky's bars", as describes it.

PP Twin Palm Bungalows: From 800 Bath. Basic and small bamboo bungalows close to the beach (picture by gangrenetriplets). "If you share one with a partner, you'd better like each other a hell of a lot", points out. There are also concrete rooms with aircon, a better choice. But a lot of music of young people around at night!

Ton Sai Beach

Picture Mike (NO captive birds) in Thailand
Tonsai Bay

Mama Beach Residence: From 1900 Bath. Good reviews on

Sand Seaview Resort:

Phi Phi Island Cabana Hotel: From 7000 Bath. Pro's according to Stunning pool (see picture by crcrowle), big rooms with great seaviews and fine dining options. "On the downside, it's huge, garish, made from block cement, and the only hotel you can spot from the ocean."

Picture Kullez

Phi Phi Banyan Villa: From 1800 Bath.

Chao Koh Phi Phi Lodge: From 950 Bath.

Phi Phi Don Chukit Resort:

PP Andaman Legacy:

Phi Phi Villa Resort: From 2200 Bath.

Phi Phi Andaman Resort: From 1400 Bath.

Andaman Beach Resort: From 1150 Bath.

Picture Britt

Picture Britt
Semi private beach

Bay View Resort: From 2000 Bath.

Arayaburi Resort:

Viking Natures Resort: From 2200 Bath. From bamboo huts with shared bathrooms to more luxurious accommodation.

Picture LokoN Only One

Picture LokoN Only One

Had Yao - Long Beach

Picture PnP!
Long Beach with Koh Phi Phi Leh in the distance

Paradise Pearl Bungalow: See pictures by ptit-panda, Dustin Rudgers and Michael.

Paradise Resort: From 1300 Bath. Specialized in rooms for families. See pictures by trent_maynard and Tom & Evi

Long Beach Bungalows: "The fan-only rooms are fairly crappy, and the cheaper ones have squat toilets, but the bedding is clean and you should get a good night's sleep", comments

P.P. Blue Sky Resort: From 1350 Bath. The sky blue colors don't fit, comments, but: "the interior of the bungalows are excellent and relatively new".

Picture Eulinky

Phi Phi The Beach Resort: From 3300 Bath. 40 bungalows up the hill with "breathtaking views", as mentions.

Picture Dionc

Picture Rock Portrait Photography

Phi Phi Hill Resort: A lot of great views, according to

Picture Cheryl & Rich

Picture Cheryl & Rich

Picture Britt
The trail from Long Beach to Ton Sai Village.

Ao Toh Ko

Picture Hanan Bercu
Panorama of Ao Toh Ko

Ao Toh Ko Bungalows: Excellent review on "A collection of 32 well-designed, basic bungalows, some set back, others on the beach front." Who is looking for peace and quiet, finds it especially in the huts called "The Beach" and "The View". See picture by Karen Easterbrock, Sarah and Kristin

Rantee Beach

Picture René Ehrhardt

Rantee is a laid back beach. You cannot find bungalows with aircon here (electricity only on evenings). Because there are some bars, the nights can be noisy. But its the best beach for snorkelling. "The main highlight of Rantee is the abundance of stunning hard and soft corals which lie directly off the beach", describes

Rantee Beach: "The huts are looking worn and tatty" according to

Rantee Garden/Remember: Four huts on the sand are "very competitive compared to other beaches", you can read on

Rantee Hut: "Simple but charming little place", says the review on Nice pictures on and by Joe and Tessa in Korea

Phak Nam Bay

Phi Phi Relax Beach Resort: From 900 Bath. "Grass hut, with spiders, lizards, snakes and roaches, but also with a kick-ass view", meesherson comments this picture. See also picture by ildikó

Loh Ba Kao Bay

Good for swimming. During tide longtail boats cannot reach the beach, you have to wade for around hundred metres.

Phi Phi Island Village Resort And Spa: From 4200 Bath. The speedboat of the resort leaves Phuket at 13.30 and the resort at 10.30. You can walk to Tonsai Bay (1.30 hours through jungle). A lot of excellent reviews on "Even the standard rooms (that is to say, Superior Bungalows) are superb", adds

Picture gkamin

Picture Keegan Govender

Picture asiabruin

Phi Phi Lagoon Resort
: From 1100 Bath.

Haad Laem Thong (Palm Beach)

A community of sea gypsies (Chao Leh) are living here, running food stalls and shops. This beach has enough room and is not crowded, because it's away from the centre.

Phi Phi Natural Resort: From 2350 Bath. It surrounds the primary school. The review on is critical: "The Natural isn't worthy of its current price tag and the resort is decaying."

Picture Nigham

Zeavola Phi Phi Resort: From 7900 Bath. "It would be hard to find a place that better combines the joys of nature with the pleasures of wealth", notes

Picture sersen
Laem Tong Beach in front of Zeavola

Picture Sersen

Picture Sersen
Living Room in Zeavola

PP Erawan Palms Resort: From 2800 Bath. "Its location in the middle of the beach is a plus and the resort does offer everything you'd expect from a place in this price range, but it does suffer from its proximity to other high-end resorts", comments

Holiday Inn Phi Phi Island: From 3510 Bath. "This Holiday Inn has to number among the best that this chain has to offer", comments

Koh Phi Phi Leh เกาะพีพีเล:

Picture sersen
"The Beach" - Koh Phi Phi Leh

Maya Bay

Picture Argenberg
Maya Bay

Viking Cave

Picture Cecil Lee

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