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Friday, June 4, 2010

Ko Kradan กระดาน

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Picture Basil&Tracy

Splendid white sand beaches, clear water, rainforest in the interior, a handful of resorts to stay and splendid views of Ko Muk, Ko Libong and the mainland: This is Ko Kradang in Trang province, part of Hat Chao Mai National Park.If you go snorkeling you might meet seaturtles or lionfishes. "The main beach is a drop dead gorgeous 2km long white sand job on the eastern side of the island", notes More informations on

Snorkeling. Picture Basil & Tracy

See pictures by Andrew Burne and Velocopedian

The Sevenseas Resort:

Picture Syeefa Jay

Picture Basil & Tracy

Paradise Lost Bungalow: Recommended by

Basil & Tracy

Koh Kradan Beach Resort: From 700 Bath. Critisized by "The rooms on offer here are tacky, rundown, and grossly overpriced." Good reviews on

Kalume Village: From 700 Bath. Bamboo bungalows, polinesian huts and wooden cottages. See photo-gallery. Mixed reviews on

Kradan Island Resort: Too many critics about rats in the huts on

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