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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Dengue Fever is an Issue on Phuket, Samui and other Islands

Cases of dengue fever in Phuket have reached their highest number in 26 years, as Phuket Gazette reports. There have been 1885 people infected in Phuket from January to September this year, two people died. Thalang is the hardest-hit district in Phuket, with 707 cases, the chief of Phuket’s Public Health Office Dr Bancha Kakhong said. The number of cases is more than three times the number recorded in 2012.

But also on Ko Samui the people are warned of Dengue fever, as Camille's Samui Info Blog reports.

So what you should know: The mosquitos transmitting the dengue virus are most active in the daytime. The virus can only be transmitted from mosquito to human; it does not jump from one person to another. You can protect yourself by applying mosquito repellent, also every time after swimming. Long trousers and shirts help to protect, when you go trekking. Standing water can become a breeding place for mosquitoes. Fish in the water eat mosquito eggs. Or you can apply fertilizer, that prevent the mosquitoes from laying eggs there.

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