Beautiful beaches, resorts for many budgets and a lot of nature: Koh Lanta เกาะลันตา

Friday, February 1, 2013

Discover Koh Lanta:
Ba Kantiang Bay อ่าวบากันเตียง

See the locations on Koh Lanta Kantiang Bay Google Map

Picture jewel031

One kilometer long, good for swimming. "Superb beach", notes, with restaurants and cafés. Read more on

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Phi Phi islands in the distance

Lanta Marine Park View Resort & Spa: From 1100 Bath. Lots of stairs, because the resort is built on the hillside. Reviews on are mixed.

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View from the beach towards Lanta Marine Park View Resort

Picture by LeeLeFever

Pimalai Resort & Spa: From 8500 Baht. 99 Moo 5, Ba Kan Tiang Beach. Very good reviews on

Picture Gokurakuzukan

Picture Gokurakuzukan


Baan Kantiang See: From 4500 Baht. 263 Moo 5 T. Villas for families on a hillside with very nice views. Very good reviews on See pictures by Artemis and Kohlantavilla.

Phra Nang Lanta พระนาง ลันตา: From 4200 Baht. 139 Moo 5, Ba Kan Tiang Bay. Quite good reviews on

The Houben: From 2650 Bath. 272 Moo 5. A villa-style hotel with 15 stylish sea-view rooms on a cliff, a few steps from Kantiang Bay. Excellent reviews on

Same Same But Different Restaurant: Very good reviews on

Picture Gokurakuzukan

Discover Koh Lanta (places and beaches from North to South):

Ban Saladan ศาลาด่าน
Kawkwang Beach คอกวาง บีช
Khlong Dao Beach หาดคลองดาว
Long Beach (Phra Ae) หาดยาวหาด (พระแอ๊ะ)
Relax Bay
Baan Phu Klom Beach and Khlong Khong Beach
Khlong Toab
Khlong Nin Beach หาดคลองนิน
Ba Kantiang Bay อ่าวบากันเตียง
Nui Beach อ่าวนุ้ย
Khlong Jak Beach (Waterfall beach)หาดคลองจากหรืออ่าวคลองจาก
Bamboo Bay (Ao Mai Phai) อ่าวไม้ไผ
Mu Ko Lanta National Park อุทยานแห่งชาติหมู่เกาะลันตา

And some Hidden Treasures on Koh Lanta):
Lanta Old Town: Where Thais, Muslims, Chinese and Sea Gypsies formed the community
Tung Yee Peng Mangrove Forest: Listen to the Nature
Diving around Koh Lanta

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