Beautiful beaches, resorts for many budgets and a lot of nature: Koh Lanta เกาะลันตา

Friday, February 1, 2013

Discover Koh Lanta:
Baan Phu Klom Beach and Khlong Kong Beach

See the locations on Koh Lanta Phu Klom Beach and Khlong Kong Beach Google Map

Lanta New Beach Bungalow: From 600 Bath. 122 Moo 2.

Picture Miek37

Picture Miek37

Picture Miek37

Picture Miek37
The fish is ready for the barbeque

Blue Andaman Lanta Resort บลู อันดามัน ลันตา รีสอร์ท: See pictures by ssmmacleod. "Blue Andaman Lanta has a fun atmosphere with friendly staff providing great service", comments

Lanta Riviera Resort ลันตา ริเวียร่า บังกาโล : From 400 Bath with fan and 700 Bath with aircon. 90/4 Moo 2. Mixed reviews on

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Picture Miek37

Picture lawtonjm

Lanta Emerald Bungalow: From 500 Bath. 154 Moo 2.

Lanta Darawadee: From 1000 Bath. 189/1 Moo 1. See picture by kmomo.

Khlong Khong Beach

Picture by Daniel Pietzsch
Picture by vamp_v2

Three kilometres long. "Swimming becomes difficult at low tide when the beach gets rocky in places, while at high tide the steep beach narrows right down", observes

Lantas' Lodge: From 700 Bath. The beach here is not as rocky as on other parts of Klong Kong Beach, say reviews on

Blue Marlin: Read the review by elliemay

Sea Sand Sun Resort ซี แซนด์ ซัน รีสอร์ท: From 1200 Bath. 286 Moo 2. See pictures by seasandsun_luv

Where Else: From 300 Bath. Native style wooden bungalows with outdoor bathroom. The beach is rocky. The resort gets good reviews by people who like simple accommodation, others dislike it on

Picture Niamh Cotter

Picture derekb
Inside a bungalow

Bee Bee's Little Village บี บี ลิตเติ้ล วิลเลจ: From 400 Bath. Good reviews on tribenet. See pictures on and video by moqnori.

Picture derekb

Lanta Family Resort:
Basic bamboo bungalows with fan or air con bungalows.

Picture Dust Mason

Lanta New Coconut Bungalows: See picture by pacoalfonso.

Sonya Guesthouse & restaurant: There is a dormitory with five beds on the first floor. Two minutes from the beach. Read reviews and see pictures on and on

Nice'n Easy House: Basic small bungalows, with a small pool, rocky beach. Mixed reviews on

Picture Miek 37

Fisherman's Cottage ฟิชเชอร์แมน คอทเทจ: Good reviews on

Picture Miek37

Picture Miek37

Lanta Fullmoon Bay View Resort: From 600 Bath. Critical reviews on

Discover Koh Lanta (places and beaches from North to South):

Ban Saladan ศาลาด่าน
Kawkwang Beach คอกวาง บีช
Khlong Dao Beach หาดคลองดาว
Long Beach (Phra Ae) หาดยาวหาด (พระแอ๊ะ)
Relax Bay
Baan Phu Klom Beach and Khlong Khong Beach
Khlong Toab
Khlong Nin Beach หาดคลองนิน
Ba Kantiang Bay อ่าวบากันเตียง
Nui Beach อ่าวนุ้ย
Khlong Jak Beach (Waterfall beach)หาดคลองจากหรืออ่าวคลองจาก
Bamboo Bay (Ao Mai Phai) อ่าวไม้ไผ
Mu Ko Lanta National Park อุทยานแห่งชาติหมู่เกาะลันตา

And some Hidden Treasures on Koh Lanta):
Lanta Old Town: Where Thais, Muslims, Chinese and Sea Gypsies formed the community
Tung Yee Peng Mangrove Forest: Listen to the Nature
Diving around Koh Lanta

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