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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Dengue Fever is an Issue on Phuket, Samui and other Islands

Cases of dengue fever in Phuket have reached their highest number in 26 years, as Phuket Gazette reports. There have been 1885 people infected in Phuket from January to September this year, two people died. Thalang is the hardest-hit district in Phuket, with 707 cases, the chief of Phuket’s Public Health Office Dr Bancha Kakhong said. The number of cases is more than three times the number recorded in 2012.

But also on Ko Samui the people are warned of Dengue fever, as Camille's Samui Info Blog reports.

So what you should know: The mosquitos transmitting the dengue virus are most active in the daytime. The virus can only be transmitted from mosquito to human; it does not jump from one person to another. You can protect yourself by applying mosquito repellent, also every time after swimming. Long trousers and shirts help to protect, when you go trekking. Standing water can become a breeding place for mosquitoes. Fish in the water eat mosquito eggs. Or you can apply fertilizer, that prevent the mosquitoes from laying eggs there.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Koh Lipe เกาะหลีเป๊ะ: From an unknown island
to a tourist hotspot

See the locations on Koh Lipe เกาะหลีเป๊ะ Google Map

Picture by flydime
Pattaya Beach

"About 20 years ago, whispers of an idyllic island far out in South Thailand's Andaman Sea began to surface within the international traveller community", remembers Today this small island in the Andaman Sea with its white beaches is a touristic hotspot with nearly 50 resorts for different budgets and can be very crowded during the peak season (December to February). There are three main beaches: Pattaya Beach, Sunrise Beach and Sunset Beach. A one km long walking street connects Pattaya Beach with Sunrise Beach (read Koh Lipe Walking Street) and see video by dreadnallen.

A lot of tourists leave a lot of waste - but not all the resorts are treating the waste in a proper way. According to there are environmentally conscious resorts like Pooh's, Castaway, Serendipity, Greenview and Jack's Jungle. Others still bury or burn their waste. Also the well water has suffered from the development and is not clean enough any more, as you can read on Follow discussions about Ko Lipe in the forum of

Kop Lipe is part of the Adang Archipelago and Tarutao National Marine Park ไม่ว่าจะอุทยานแห่งชาติทางทะเลหมู่เกาะตะรุเตา, that consists of 51 islands in the Southern part of the Andaman Sea. Wet season starts at the end of May when the monsoon brings plenty of rain and rough seas. Dry season starts early November.

There is no ATM on Ko Lipe, but you can get cash advance in some of the big resorts (Bundhaya Resort) and in the shop of

Ko Lipe was first the home of sea gipsies, who settled here, called Chao Leh or Urak Lawoi. Their story is treated in a book by Supin Wongbusarakum, which can be downloaded here. They have their own language, a dialect of Malay. Urak means "people", lawoi means "of the sea". Their houses are built on stilts, the roofs are constructed with nipa palms, the walls with woven split bamboo. They live from fishing and are very good divers. Tourism has become the next most important source of income. In 1984 the family of the village headman opened the first resort.

Pattaya Beach หาดพัทยา

The main beach, where the guests arrive from the ferries. Good snorkeling right from the beach. Popular by younger guests, lively.

Bundhaya Resort บันดาหยา รีสอร์ท: From 1200 Bath. Good reviews on and this: Try a room closer to the beach because in the back of the resort is a noisy generator.

Picture by Bundhaja Resort

Blue Tribes Resort: From 600 Bath. "One of Lipe’s best mid-range resorts" with a comfortable relaxation area, comments The two-floor Seafront Tree-House has a great view from the upper room. See video by chaolehfilm

Picture by Blue Tribes Resort

Daya Resort: From 800 Bath. Basic bungalows. Don't expect TV! "This resort has some lovely-looking beachfront bungalows on offer, whose excellent Pattaya beach location doesn't however make up for their shabby interiors", comments

Picture by

Dee Zee Resort: Huts. See picture by rea-neill

Greenview Resort กรีนวิวบีชรีสอร์ท: From 800 Bath. Bamboo Bungalows with attached bathrooms with good reviews on

Picture by Greenview Resort

Picture by Greenview Resort

Lipe Resort หลีเป๊ะรีสอร์ท: From 1400 Bath. Critical reviews on

Moonlight Bungalows: Bungalows hidden behind a concrete shophouse. The spa on the first floor got a positive comment by neillbarker. Mixed reviews on

Pink Resort: "In a grotty state" according to

Sita Beach Resort & Spa สิตา บีช รีสอร์ท แอนด์ สปา: From 5200 Bath. Two swimming pools. Very good reviews on

Picture by Sita Beach Resort

Varin Beach Resort:. From 800 Bath. See video by leffman and video by jllandrith

Picture by miserychick

Picture by Varin Beach Resort
Air Villa

Z-Touch Resort ซีทัชหลีเป๊ะไอส์แลนด์รีสอร์ท: Before: Hamman Beach Resort. From 3827 Bath. Mixed reviews on

Sunrise Beach (Hat Chao Ley) หาดชาวเล

Picture by rhaddon
Sunrise beach

Picture by sidorenko_alexey_a
Sunrise beach

Picture by sidorenko_alexey_a
Sunrise Beach

White sandy beach, see video by dreadnallen. A small village of the Chao Ley - sea gipsies - can be found here.

Adang Sea Eco-Lodge: Good reviews on

Anda Resort อันดา รีสอร์ท: From 2500 Bath. On the South end of Sunrise beach. Mixed reviews on, there is construction noise (March 2012) and not alle guests are happy about the semi-outdoor bathrooms and the closeness of the neighbours.

Picture by Anda Resort
Deluxe Villa Seaview

Andaman Resort อันดามัน รีสอร์ท:. See video by kohlipelove2dive. Mixed reviews on

Castaway Resort: Good reviews on

Picture by hagemannandreas

Idyllic Concept Resort ไอดีลลิค คอนเซปต์ รีสอร์ท: From 5950 Bath. With pool. Excellent according to reviews on

Picture Idyllic Concept Resort
i-Sky seaside villa

Kaixolipe Resort ไคโชหลีเป๊ะรีสอร์ท:. See video and photostream on Very good reviews on

Picture by Kaixolipe Resort

Lipe Power Beach Resort หลีเป๊ะ พาวเวอร์ บีช รีสอร์ท:. Good reviews on

Serendipity Beach Resort: Bungalows set on a hillside with great views. If you book the Hilltop Bungalow be aware, that you need to take 160 steps to reach it. The beach vanishes at high tide and is 10 metres wide at low tide. Good reviews on

Picture by Serendipity Beach Resort

Karma Beach:

Picture by Argenberg

Mountain Resort เม้าน์เท้น รีสอร์ท: See video by Chapantip and The Ramsele

Sunset Beach (Hat Pramong) อ่าวประมง

Picture by rhaddon

Is also called Porn Beach, because the Porn Resort is located here.

Pitiusas Beach Resort: From 1000 Bath. A new resort with wooden bungalows on Sunset beach. See video by Towkay Bandrek

Picture by Pitiusas Beach Resort

Porn Resort พร รีสอร์ท: From 500 Bath. Concrete and bamboo bungalows and a thin beach with coarse sand according to "This resort is only suitable for budget travellers who can put up with ancient mattresses, rubbish everywhere and unpleasant smells wafting around." See video by leffman

Walking Street

Picture by samuli.turkkila
Walking Street

Baan Kasirin บ้านกสิริน รีสอร์ท:

Bonus Resort โบนัสรีสอร์ท :

Gipsy Resort ยิปซี 2 ริเวนเดลล์:

Harmony Bed & Bakery ฮาโมนี่เบดแอนด์เบเกรี่:

Pooh Resort: Restaurant with live music every night.

Ricci House ริชชี่เฮ้าส์ รีสอร์ท: Quite good reviews on

Serene Resort เซเรเน่ รีสอร์ท หลีเป๊ะ:

The Box - Lipe Resort: The resort has been constructed from containers. Mixed reviews on

The Reef Hotel:

Discoveries from Ko Lipe

Picture by Argenberg
Ko Lipe, seem from Ko Adang

Several nearly uninhabited islands can be reached with a long tail boat, all between 15 minutes and 1 hour away. The 2 large ones, Koh Adang หมู่เกาะเกาะอาดัง and Koh Rawi ราวี are almost completely covered with rain forest and have a ranger station, where camping is possible and you can get a quiet stay. The ranger station at Laem Son Beach on Koh Adang with information centre also has bungalows and tents, and there is a small restaurant (open from November until May). It can be booked on See video by jllandrith. During the rainy season several waterfalls run from Adang into the sea. Adang has many hiking trails and view points. Pirate's Falls can be reached by a two kilometre-long walkway, Ratana waterfall by a longtail boat. See pictures on and on An read about sea snakes, which come to the shore in the night on Mind of Dan. You can also find small villages of Urak Lawoi people called Telo Cengan and Telo Puya on the northeast side of Adang. Read about a visit here on See pictures of Urak Lawoi people by Brendan Carroll, see village by Amanda and Neil. See the traditional dance Rongeng by chaolehfilm: video 1 and video 2.

Picture by brongaeh
Beach on Ko Adang

Picture by grolli77
Ko Rawi

Koh Ba Tuang, Koh Lek and Koh Dong offer the same jungles. You can also sail to the smaller islands of Koh Hin Sorn and Koh Hin Ngam. Koh Hin Ngam has a dark stone beach, where visitors pile up 13 stones, what should bring them luck. Koh Hin Sorn has amazing black stone formations. Then there are Koh Peung and Koh Jabang whose surrounding waters are excellent snorkelling grounds according to Nearby is the monkey beach. Further to the east you reach Ko Klang and Ko Tarutao. Ko Khai เกาะไข่ has a stone gate, which is the Satun tourist symbol.

Picture by Uschi & Horst Pix
The love stone arch on Ko Khai, promises eternal love, if two people enter.

The waters around the islands house an enormous variety of marine species, for example: dolphins, mantas and other rays, sharks, sperm whales, but also clown fish, angelfish, lion fish and all sorts of coral. See underwater discoveries:

Picture by jeffb123

Picture by jeffb123

Picture by jeffb123

Picture by jeffb123

How to arrive on Ko Lipe

From Hat Yai Airport: Take a minibus from the Airport to the Train station in Hat Yai (80 Bath) and catch a minibus at one of the travel shops nearby to Pak Bara Pier (takes two hours). A taxi from the airport to Pak Bara Pier will cost around 2500 Bath. From Pak Bara ferries run to Ko Lipe all year round. See timetable of Satun Pakbara Speed Boat Club

From Lipe and other islands: From November until April Koh Lipe can be reached by boat from several islands in the Andaman Sea. A daily ferry from Koh Phi Phi (8 hours) stops also at Koh Lanta and other islands along the way. Additionally there are daily speedboats (3 hours) from Koh Lanta to Koh Lipe during high season. See timetable on

From Langkawi, Malaysia: From the end of October until early May you can exit and enter Thailand from Koh Lipe to Langkawi island, Malaysia. The immigration office is located at the eastern part of Pattaya Beach, next to Bundhaya Resort. Book the shuttle ferry here.

Read more about Koh Lipe on,, and on

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Lanta Old Town: Where Thais, Muslims, Chinese and Sea Gypsies formed the community

See the locations on Lanta Old Town Google Map
See the Thai Meteorological Weatter forecast for Krabi

Old town

Picture DarkB4Dawn

Picture marhas1
The old town seen from the pier

Picture marhas1

Picture DarkB4Dawn

Thais, Muslims, Chinese and sea gypsies form the community of Sri Raya, doing business in old wooden shops and living in homes built on stilts. On Sundays you can stroll through a lively market. Only two restaurants, Mango House and Frogs and Apples, are noted in, but you can find more on the phantastic site

Picture Billa

Picture marhas1

Picture marhas1

Picture marhas1

Picture marhas1

Two hundred years ago, a group of Chinese from the provinces of Fujian and Hokian emigrated to Koh Lanta and founded the town. They made charcoal from mangrove trees and traded it with some fish in Penang, Singapore and Indonesia. And from there they imported household goods and foodstuffs, especially sugar, salt and vegetables. For fishing they used very big nets. For that they extended the terraces of houses. There they hung the nets. This was the beginning of longhouses. The three longest ones are nearly 100 metres long. Around sixty years ago a fire destroyed the old town. Then the present houses were built. They survived the Tsunami in 2004 wholly. Read more: Eastern promiese. A museum in Sri Raya shows the history of the three communities on the island: Chinese, Muslim fishermen and the sea gipsies.

More informations: Lanta Oldtown on Facebook

Where to stay in the old town

Mango House: The guestrooms reflect the minimalism and dimness, that are characteristic for the town’s houses. They were built on the water to catch the breeze. Like this the rooms are cooled - you need a light cover in the night. Honeymoon Room with a bathroom, fridge and terrace set over the sea is the best room. Mango House i run by the Canadian Duane Lennie.

Picture jewel031

Mango House Villa. Picture Gaelle

Picture Gaelle

Picture Gaelle

Orange House: 15 Moo 2, Sri Raya Rd. There are two suites on the first floor with stunning views over Old Town and the surrounding islands. Each suite has a western style bathroom, large bedroom with king sized bed and private lounge.

Picture Dave_B_

Lanta Pole Houses: Two villas to rent, Coconut House and Lychee House. "Owned and run by a local art teacher, these two oceanfront wooden homes are authentically Thai on the outside, and modern, renovated warehouse-style (think bare cement and jewel-tone local silks) on the inside", writes Fah Thai Magazine. "You can sit on the porch overlooking the water for days. Quiet, and serene the water lapping at the pole supports, amazing sunrises, fishing boats on the horizon, and even next door", adds elbe 57 on

Picture: Susanna
Coconut House

Lanta Buri Resort: From 500 Bath with fan and 700 Bath with aircon.

Where to eat in Lanta Old Town

Fresh Restaurant:

>Picture marhas1

Picture marhas1

Beautiful Restaurant: 118/1 Moo 2. Not only a Thai restaurant on stilts on the sea at the north end of old town, but also an ocean front guest cottage on stilts (with aircon, 1000 Bath per night). See pictures by ssmmacleaod

Baan Hua Laem - the Muslim fishing village

Ban Hua Laem is a Muslim fishing village with around 80 households. It was severely damaged by the Tsunami in 2004. Afterwards NGOs and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) formed the Community Network for Restoration of Lanta Island (CNRLI. The fishermen got new boats, the Chao Ley in Baan Sang Ga Ou got new homes.

Picture marhas1

Picture marhas1

Baan Sang Ga Ou - the seaa gipsy village

Ban Sang Ga U was the original home of the Chao Ley (sea gypsies), Lanta’s first settlers 500 years ago. Today it counts around 500 inhabitants. The Chao Ley seem to have their origins in Indonesia (Banda Aceh). They lived on house boats and Ban Sang Ga U was their first settlement on the land. The Chao Ley record their history in songs. Rong-ngeng, a ritual with singing and dancing, is practiced during festivals, especially the boat-releasing ceremony. Then a boat is sent out to sea to appease the sea spirits.

Sang Kha Ou Resort & Spa: 86 Moo 7, Sang Kha Ou. They have Boat Houses, Tree Houses, Cave Houses, Stone Houses and a Thai House. One critical review on "Ideal location for nature lovers, adventurers and anyone looking for a peaceful stay away from the busier west coast", writes Mojothailand on And the you find a big dsicussion on Thorntree about the rating by Lonely Planet.

Tree House. Picture Dan

Boat Houses. Picture Dan

Koh Po

You can pay a fisherman to bring you with his boat to Koh Po, a small island with sandy beach only ten minutes away from Sri Raya. Koh Por is located between Koh Lanta Yai and Koh Bu Bu. There is a village with a school. Tha Kang Beach is Koh Pors longest beach (in the pier area in the west of the island). On Nai Ban Beach (Northeast of KOh Por) you find a fishermen communicity. Read more about Koh Por. See picture by Miek37

Cultural Homestay Experience: 700 Bath (transfer and three meals inclued). You can experience the life of a local island family. No bikinis and no alcohoil, as you stay with Muslims. Mobile: +66 (0)874 743 247, e-mail: sanae.yamae [at]

More to find on Koh Lanta:

Koh Lanta เกาะลันตา - what guests discover here: Reviews of resorts and beaches.

Diving around Koh Lanta

Tung Yee Peng Mangrove Forest: Listen to the nature

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